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DeKalb County School District Counseling Department Mission Statement

The mission of DeKalb Counseling is to "support the development of student competencies in the academic, personal/social and career domains (learning to learn, learning to live, learning to work) ensuring that students achieve success and are prepared to be productive members of society." 

Cedar Grove Middle Counseling Department Mission Statement 

The objectives of the Cedar Grove Middle School Counseling Program are to:

  • Guide scholars in making career planning decisions
  • Equip scholars with skills that will ensure their academic development
  • Contribute to their personal and social growth

The Counseling Center Department curriculum is delivered in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade through classroom lessons, small groups, and individual counseling sessions.  We help empower scholars' growth in the following three domains:  social/ emotional, academic, and career development. 


Counseling Staff

Head Counselor:  Ms. Vivian Omari      678-874-4230

  • Student Advisement
  • Duke TIP Representative
  • Rising 9th Grade Advisor
  • 8th Grade Counselor 
  • 6th Grade Counselor - Cohort 1 - 5


Counselor:  Ms. Mary Crane      678-874-4229

  • 504 Chair
  • 6th Grade Counselor
  • 7th Grade Counselor - Cohort 11 - 15 


Counseling Secretary:  Ms. Priscilla Jenkins      678-874-4232

  • Requests for Records
  • Homework Assistance Laision ( Homework may be requested through Counseling Department for an excused absence of a minumum of three days,  All other requests must be made through the scholar's team leader.)
  • General Counseling Information
  • Parent Conference Scheduling  
  • Alleged Bullying Liaison 


Registrar:  Ms. C. Carter      678-874-4206

  • Registration
  • Parent Portal Registration 

Registration Times 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 


Attendance Protocol Manager:  Ms. G. Jones  678-874-4227

  • Attendance  
  • Alleged Bullying Liaison 
  • Discipline 


Lead Teacher for Special Education:  Dr. Carol Kellyman

  • Exceptional Education and Support Services
  • Provides services for students and their parents 


Student Support Specialist:  Mr. Wesley White 

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Specialist (PBIS) Coach
  • Tier 2 Chair 
  • Career Day Facilitator
  • Girls Basketball Coach


Social Worker:  Dr. Cynthia Turner 



CGMS Counseling Center Services Programs

 Crisis Intervention

Individual Sessions 

 Parent Conferences

 Classroom Lessons

 Conflict Resolution

Career Day 

 PSAT (Grade 8 Only)

 Scholars Honors and 

 PBIS Committee

 Duke T.I.P.

 Mentoring Program

 Rising 6th Grade Outreach

Professional Development 

 National Counseling Week Awareness


 CGMS Saints Newsletters

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