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English Language Arts


The English language arts and reading curriculum focuses on reading and literature, reading across the curriculum, writing, conventions of writing, listening, speaking, and viewing.

Reading Across the Curriculum
Students engage in reading across the curriculum standards comprised of the following literacy activities:
  • students will read the equivalent of twenty-five books per year across the curriculum
  • students will write weekly
  • students will use reading and writing strategies to help them understand and use the content of all classes
  • students will write a minimum of one research paper and develop one research-based project each year
Assessment is a crucial component of the Reading - ELA curriculum. Periodic assessments are administered and are intended to measure student progress during units of study.
For the middle grades language arts courses, the primary resource material is the Holt, Rinehart, and Winston series, Elements of Literature.
Information for the online access to the textbook is available through the school.

The Extended Learning Time (ELT) class period is utilized to provide additional support for students who are in need of more instruction in order to meet state standards.

CGMS Mathpage

Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationships in number and in space. It serves as the underpinning for solving problems, posing conjectures, translating thoughts into symbols, and creating models. Mathematics is a thought process that touches all fields of study. It is the universal language that people use to solve problems and connect their understanding of order in the world.
 A high quality education in mathematics is vital to all students. Such education contributes considerably to their intellectual development. At the same time, it enables them, not only to choose from a wide range of career paths, but also to compete successfully in today's global economy.
Cedar Grove Middle believe:
  • Mathematics can and must be learned by all students.
  • Students must learn mathematics with conceptual understanding to enable them to solve the new kinds of problems the rapidly changing world presents.
  • Formative assessment should be an ongoing classroom activity that supports the learning of mathematics and informs instruction.
  • Effective teaching requires that the teacher knows and understands mathematics, knows and understands the developmental stages of learners, and knows and employs a variety of instructional strategies.
  • Technology should be used in mathematics education as a teaching tool to enhance student learning, but not as a replacement for basic understanding and computational fluency.

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All USA Test Prep tools are aligned to Georgia's standards.  Therefore, you know that what you're doing at home matches what they are doing in class and what is expected by the state of Georgia. 

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