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Our Sports / Club Programs

Athletics are a key component of Cedar Grove Middle School's total educational mission.  The athletic program helps students develop a healthy lifestyles and teaches commitment, self discipline, sportsmanship and pride.  We develop the physical, mental, and social aspect athleticism in each student athlete.
 Cedar Grove Middle School offers the following:
Track and Field
Student Clubs 
Ladies of CGMS
Gentlemen of CGMS
Balanced Equation Club (Math Club)
International Club
Newsletter Club
Spanish Club
Ruffin Reading Bowl
Art Club 
Student Organizations
Student Council
Beta Club 



Eligibility Requirements to Participate in Sports / Clubs

Basketball, football, track and cheerleading are offered at the middle school level, for 7th and 8th Grade Only. 

6th Grade students CANNOT participate in  Basketball, football, track or cheerleading. 

6th Grade can participate in many of our student clubs.

Every student involved in an extra-curricular activity including, but not limited to, athletic teams, cheerleaders, and dance clubs will carry weekly evaluation sheets (Wednesday Sheets) to each of their teachers.

Students who receive an unacceptable mark for academics or behavior in any of their classes for two consecutive weeks become ineligible for their team’s or club's next athletic contest or activity. A third unacceptable mark will result in the removal from next two contests or activities. A student who receives a fourth unacceptable mark during the additional two-week period of eligibility will appear before the extra-curricular council to determine the student’s continued eligibility.


A student, who receives two letter grades of "F" on his or her 9-week grade report, will be ineligible until the next grade report or interim report. An unacceptable mark on the student's weekly evaluation sheet during the period of ineligibility will result in the student appearing before the extra-curricular council to determine the student's continued eligibility.

The coach or sponsor at his or her discretion may allow an ineligible student to practice.

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